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Sunny Gate

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"I love the Golden Gate Bridge and it is stunning in person. I also love all the life happening all around it. I took the inspiration picture for this painting right after my wife and I ran across it for the very first time. You would think that the distance would make it hard to run, but it was actually getting past all the people on the bridge!  

Millions flock to the bridge every year to take selfies and instagram shots. I love bold color and I thought the complimentary colors of an orange sky and teal blue sea went well together to compliment the rustic red of the bridge. With beautiful cloud formations and rolling sea waves, this piece really has a lot character to it. 

One of my favorite stores of the bridge is that the Navy wanted to paint it black and yellow safety stripes because of low visibility with all the fog. While that debate was going on the metal for the bridge just sat out in the elements and started to patina. The color looked so cool that it became the inspiration for the amazing rusty red that we now know it for." - Archie