Help Me Bring Freedom! 



Help Me Bring Freedom! 

I want my collectors to know that every time you make a purchase of my art, a portion goes to set children free from atrocity. We are looking for partners to help us change the world! Literally. My family and I partner with this INCREDIBLE organization that rescues children out of the sexual slave trade. 

Last year my heart was broken as I heard about children as young as 4yrs of age, who were being forced against their will to perform sexual acts on adults. Sometimes 4-5 times a day. It's horrific. I had to do something. 

There is a ministry that rescues children out of this situation and I am proud to support them. They not only rescue kids but they also give them hope for a new a life. They give them the best in medical and emotional treatment, new homes, and even job training as they grow. We donate a percentage of every sale to AIM and the amazing work they are doing. 

I want my collectors to know that not only are they bringing home a beautiful piece of art, but they are helping save the world, one child at a time. I am so grateful to partner with you toward this effort.  

You can also support them directly Here