Meet Archie


My art career started in the 1st grade when I turned my school worksheets over to draw pictures instead of working! That didn't always serve my grades well but it started a passion to create.

That passion has lead to creating and designing live stages and visual art all over the country to doing design work for some of Silicon Valley's most influential companies such as communications and TED talk experts, Duarte. 

About ten years ago I began oil painting as a stress outlet on the side.  To take it to the next level, I took some classes, got a mentor who is a Disney artist, and began to share my work with family and friends. I wanted to create beautiful art and leverage it for a greater purpose to bring beauty to who needed it most. 

My wife Rebekah and I use a portion of the proceeds from my art to help struggling families and to free kids from sexual slavery. (check out my partners page) 

Originally from Niles, Ohio, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and son. For me, it is living life to the fullest to share work that brings joy to people's lives and homes and to help those in need at the same time.