Have YOUR story brought to life! 

"Thanks for your interest in a one of a kind Archie Jackson original to tell YOUR story. I would love the chance to develop a piece of art to commemorate a special moment, family member, pet or your favorite car! This will be something special that you can pass down to stay in your family as part of your story." -Archie 

Depending on size, commissions start at $799.

How it works in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1 - Archie will meet with you in person, phone or Zoom to start a conversation about what your vision for the piece could look like. He'll ask you a lot of questions about the story, your choice of colors, and how big you want the piece. This is a really relaxed process to discover what you're perfect piece could look like, and if you don't know all the details but you have an idea, he can help you with that too! 

Step 2 - Archie will take all those notes and begin the process of developing a concept for your one of a kind piece. He will send you a digital concept drawing to make sure he's heading in the right direction and then it's off to work. Archie's process is deliberately private as he creates your piece to allow for maximum focus but you're more than welcome to reach out to add ideas you may have forgotten or check in on progress. Work will take about four to five weeks but Archie will be upfront on the timeline during your initial meeting based on his availability at that time. 

Step 3 - The best part! THE BIG REVEAL!! Archie will then present to you your story come to life on canvas!  With your commission you'll receive a personalized video from Archie explaining details and the heart behind the painting that you can share with friends. The full reveal can happen in person or over virtual chat. Your art will then be released to you in person or shipped and you are ready to hang!