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Starry Bridge

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"This Van Gogh inspired view of the Golden Gate Bridge and city background was so fun to do. Easily one of the most recognizable paintings on planet, Starry Night, paired with one of the most recognizable bridges was really fun but not the easiest technique to reproduce. Turns out that Van Gogh guy is pretty good. 

I wanted to get a photo of the bridge with the city in the background to use as inspiration and to help me get the proportions correct for this painting. But in order to get the shot I had to climb a mountain in the rain at night with my family parked in a car facing the wrong direction while I climbed to get the right angle. I was either going to die getting the shot or get our car towed away!  

Needless to say, I'm glad neither of those things happened! My favorite parts of this painting are the orange reflections on the water from the lights from the cars and color gradation within the sky effect that made Van Gogh's work so genius. This the perfect piece for the collector who loves San Francisco and wants to display it with a little bit of a twist."- Archie