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Green Lion

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"This green monochromatic is perfect for the modern home. Mostly pallet knife and some small brush work. Stunning thick oil paint creates a very unique image.

This is a door knocker found in fishing village in Southern Italy. When I saw this door knocker for the first time it reminded me of two different stories at the same time. There is a story about the bad things in life crouching like a lion ready to pounce at your door waiting for you and wants to come into your life, so you have to be careful!

But there is another story of a man named Jesus who represents goodness, life, and peace that also knocks at the door of your heart, and when you invite him in there is peace, joy and life. Look to see who it is knocking before you open the door!

But either way, I think this painting represents power and strength and modernity all at the same time all from a door knocker from the mid-1800's" -Archie