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"The 1971 Pontiac Firebird is the stuff of legend in my family. We lived in Germany when I was a kid and had access to the world famous, no speed limit, autobahn. My dad sup'd one up just like this on the weekends that would go over over 200mph. He said the only thing that could beat him on the road was that year's brand new Porsche 911.

This painting was a piece of passion for me to give to my father to commemorate "the one that got away." Due to unfortunate circumstances we had to leave this one back in Germany but this beautiful car set against a Bavarian meadow is a great keepsake. My mom's name is even hidden on the car, see if you can find it.

The reflections of the trees on that beautiful 70's blue hood, detail of the tire tread and rustic dirt road really draw you into this painting." -Archie