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12x16 Oil on Canvas. "One of the most iconic cars of all time, the Shelby Cobra. Famously driven by renowned car designer and race champion, Carrol Shelby in the recent movie Ford vs. Ferrari.  It is immediately recognizable the world over and perfect painting for any car lover. 

One of my favorite fun facts about this car is that when Carrol Shelby was first making these cars, he really had a shortage of them because of operational costs. But when getting magazines to come and do a spread on the car to boost sales he would use the same exact car and paint it differently for each magazine and told them they were getting access to a special edition just for their spread!  That is some creative problem solving! 

This abstract, monochromatic take on this beauty has plenty of story to it. Heat pouring out of the front and bright colors highlight the city in the background as it speeds down the road sporting red headlight race covers." -Archie


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